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ENERLINK Management & Consultancy, Inc.

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"Integrity and trust are the keys to our future success. We believe in these values, and practice them on every job. These beliefs have made our firm an industry leader over the years."


Our firm has been doing business in our community for several fruitful years. We are proud of our past successes, but will continue to strive into the future.

When we started in this business, we thought that integrity and trust were the keys to our future success. We were right. Today we still believe in these values, and practice them on every job. These beliefs have made our firm an industry leader over the years.


We pride ourselves on understanding the problems and opportunities in the consulting industry. Our company is committed to excellence, and it is integrated in all of our services. Our clients are our greatest asset, and we are dedicated to serving your needs.


The people behind EnerLink commits itself to provide the highest level of comprehensive quality training conforming with various industries particularly the company is involved with. In order to achieve this:


  1. EnerLink shall provide innovative training techniques utilizing Information Technology for current and relevant lectures conforming with the standards of the industry;

  1. EnerLink shall provide state-of-the-art training facilities and software programs, combining in-house lectures, hands-on training, and on-site exposure which, in turn, contribute to the enhancement of trainees’ skill, strengthen their self-confidence, and instill in them the importance of safety awareness;

  1. EnerLink shall provide technical assistance by initiating constant and timely consultation with the top players in the local and international arena, thereby generating better employment opportunities for its trainees.


EnerLink envisions itself:


  1. to be one of the global leaders in the industry, maintaining its stature through the application of state-of-the-art facilities and up-to-date training programs;

  1. to continuously enhance the Filipinos' technical skills thus promoting the development of the country. 


EnerLink, in line with the government's program for economic development, shall enhance the employment opportunities of its trainees, particularly the Filipino people, thereby leading to the improvement of the quality of their life. EnerLink shall provide the best technical training giving emphasis on safety awareness, environmental preservation, and the improvement of personnel that shall, at all times, be at par with the international players in the industry.


Suite 007, 3rd Floor, GVMC Building, #14 Arayat Street, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Office: (632)703-6493/703-8413   Cell: (+63)921-2289054/908-3046323/922-5206935 / 905-4286734